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“Incredible Minds. Infinite Potential.”

The Society of Scientists and Engineer’s West Mountain Regional Conference brings together collegiate chapters and young professionals within and around Colorado for a day of learning, networking, and growing. This year, we shift our focus to enhancing the skills of the individual: proper networking guidelines, tactful and confident social presentation, and introductory financial literacy, amongst other themes. We hope to provide an intimate setting where attendees are encouraged to “break out” of STEM stereotypes to set themselves on a prosperous path forward.


Founded in November of 2007, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is an Asian-focused—not Asian-exclusive—national non-profit organization aimed to aid its members to succeed both academically and professionally. Based primarily on college campuses across the United States and slowly increasing its network in high schools and companies alike, SASE provides a platform for young adults to develop professionally while also celebrating culturally. CU Boulder SASE has helped its members continue on to careers in companies such as Google, Ball Aerospace, and Lockheed Martin.

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March 16, 2019






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Meet the members of the WMRC


Sam Karman

Senior | Chemical & Biological Engineering | President of SASE

Sam’s passion ranged from reformulating feed media and optimizing bioreactor conditions to promoting student academic and professional success. In his free time, he likes to bike and hike the trails— sometimes both at the same time.


Yohanes Limasalle

Junior | Computer Science | Head Chair of WMRC

After completing his Computer Science degree, Yohanes plans to pursue a career overseas in Asia as a software designer. He’s a coffee fanatic that also enjoys travelling during vacations and holidays; and when those two passions coincide… don’t worry, he’ll be fine, just give him a moment.


Sasha Hall

Sophomore | Computer Science | Co-chair of WMRC

Sasha’s interests lies in pursuing a career in software and back end development, but she is also looking to intertwine business and programming. She is currently working at a startup company as an inventory analyst, and she loves it! In her free time she likes to run, read, and teach herself how to cook.


Vananh Le

Freshman | Computer Science | Director of Strategic Relations for WMRC

Vananh is interested in developing smartphone apps that benefit organizations in different ways such as increasing sales, effectively marketing to target customers, cutting inefficiencies, etc. Outside of school work, she enjoys listening to music and eating out with friends.


Lara Chunko

Freshman | Computer Science | Director of Event Operations for WMRC

In Lara’s free time, she enjoys programming, reading, playing the violin, and spending time with friends and family. When she graduates, she wants to pursue a job within the computer science industry possibly involving robotics and/or artificial intelligence. She participates in Cyber Security Club, SASE, Orchestra, and VEX Robotics.


Amey Erdenebileg

Freshman | Computer Science | Treasurer of WMRC

After graduating with a Computer Science degree and a minor in Business, Amey Erdenebileg wants to possibly pursue a career in cybersecurity. She also wants to travel and volunteer in other countries. Outside of school, she enjoys playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with friends.


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